When power lines come down, stay away
Crashed van tangled in power line

A variety of conditions or scenarios can result in a downed power line. Sometimes downed lines are visible while other times they are hidden by ice, snow, branches or storm debris.

Collisions with a pole or padmount transformer can cause the ground and objects to become energized. Regardless of the cause, always consider a downed line or damaged equipment energized and deadly.

If you are in a car accident involving a downed line, stay in the cab or car and wait until someone from the electric utility says it is safe to get out.

Call 9-1-1 to report a downed or damaged power line. Stay away and alert others to do the same.

Remember, if there is a downed line, stay away! Electricity can jump from a wire or object to you to find the quickest path to ground.

If you see a downed or damaged power line or pole or a dislodged electrical cabinet:

  • Do not go near it.
  • Do not touch it.
  • Do not try to move it with another object.
  • Do not touch items that could be energized.

Learn more at SafeElectricity.org.