Mailing Address for payments:

Clay Electric Co-operative
PO Box 517
Flora, IL 62839


Front Counter Hours – Weekdays 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM

Clay Electric Co-op’s office is located on the west side of Flora at 7784 Old Highway 50. The office is open during the hours shown above and the office is open weekdays excluding observed holidays, Monday through Friday. Members can pay their electric bill, apply for new service, connect or disconnect service at the office.

The drive-thru window is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM for those members who like the convenience of paying from their car. You can drop off your payment anytime after hours by leaving the payment in the night depository that is located next to the drive-thru window.

Visa and Master credit cards can be used to pay your bill. You can present these cards in person at the office or you can contact the office by telephone and the information from your card can be relayed over the telephone to make a payment.

If you like an automatic feature to pay your bill, Clay Electric’s ACH Draft program may be what you want. Once you are enrolled in the program you will receive your bill the same as you do now; however, it will be marked “Paid by Draft”. The draft will be made on the 24th from your checking or savings account will be automatically drafted for the amount due. If the 24th falls on a Saturday, Sunday or Holiday, the draft will be made on the first following business day. If this is something that you would like to consider please click here to print a form for the ACH Draft program. Once you have filled out the form, attach a check marked void and submit it to Clay Electric at the above mailing address. Usually it takes no more than one or two billing cycles to start the process.

If you are interested in this feature and you still have some questions, please contact the office.

If you are interested in paying the same amount each month, then Budget Billing might be option for you. To be eligible for Budget Billing, the member shall have accumulated a 12-month historical record of electrical usage at his/her present metering point.

The Budget Billing plan will allow a member to pay a fixed amount each month. The balancing month will be in June of each year. If the bill received in June reflects a credit balance a refund will be issued. If the member has used more kilowatt-hours than he/she has paid for, the bill will reflect the amount due and must be paid by the due date on the bill.

You must pay your budget bill amount by the due date each month or your account will be removed from the Budget Billing program and put on regular billing immediately.

Sign up by calling the office or simply print the online Budget Billing Application and return it to Clay Electric Co-operative at the above mailing address.