Remember to look up when operating large equipment
Farmer inside cab of tractor

Millions of workers operate large equipment every day. Examples include cranes, dump trucks, farm equipment, bucket trucks, hydraulic lifts and cement trucks. If the equipment you are operating raises or extends, make sure you follow OSHA’s rules for the minimum approach distance to power lines.

If you are planning to work within 20 feet of a power line, most situations require you to contact the electric utility (in advance) to deenergize the line. On the farm, examples include loading, unloading or moving/relocating a grain bin within 20 feet of an overhead line.

Always use a spotter when equipment could come near overhead power lines. A spotter’s view from the ground provides a much better vantage point than what you can see from the cab. Additional safety steps may be required to prevent encroaching on a power line.

If your equipment brushes or contacts a power line or utility pole, knowing what to do saves lives. Unless there is a fire, stay in the cab and alert others to stay far away. Call for help and stay in the cab until utility crews arrive to deenergize the power.

Do not operate a hydraulic/scissor lift near an overhead power line.

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