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Rudolphi earns recertification of Director Gold credential

Recently President of the Board of Trustees of Clay Electric Co-operative Richard Rudolphi completed a series of ­continuing ­education classes ­recertifying him with Director Gold creden­tial ­status. The Director Gold Credent program ­certification demonstrates ongoing commitment to advancing knowledge and performing fiduciary duty to the best of a director’s ability.

The director ­education and ­certification ­program is managed by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA). NRECA’s ­director ­certificate ­programs are ­specifically designed to help electric ­cooperative ­directors at every stage of service to understand their roles and ­responsibilities, stay up-to-date on the key issues and trends in the industry, and prepare them to meet the challenges facing electric cooperatives now and in the future.

NRECA offers ­director ­education courses throughout the year in conjunction with a wide variety of NRECA ­educational ­conferences and events across the country, in partnership with statewide ­associations and onsite at individual cooperatives.

To maintain Director Gold status, directors must earn three credits from the NRECA approved list of ­continuing education programs within a two-year period, then ­periodic recertification is required.