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New Employees

After lengthy studies and discussion, the Clay Electric Co-operative Board of Directors made the decision to hire our own tree trimming, line clearance crew, instead of using contract trimmers. The Cooperative already owned their own chipper and we purchased a used Basket/Chipper Box Truck. Two new employees were hired for trimming and line clearance only. 

    The two new employees are (left) Ryan Wiles, and (right) Chris Roberts. Ryan and his wife Dawn live in Flora and have 2 children. Ryan recently worked for a contract tree trimming company. Chris and his wife Jessica live in rural Flora and have 2 children. Chris was employed at a local industry in Flora.

    Clay Electric has had an aggressive line clearing program for the past 10 years and has made great strides reducing outages, and line loss from trees contacting power lines. If you have trees or limbs in contact or near primary power lines, that you think could create a hazard or outage please contact the Cooperative office at 662-2171 or toll free 1-800-582-9012