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Minutes of Board of Trustees Meeting - Regular meeting May 23, 2016

Trustees present were: Frank Czyzewski, Bill Croy, Neil Gould, Frank Herman, Kevin Logan, Bob Pierson, Richard Rudolphi, and Danny Schnepper. Also present were Executive Vice President/General Manager Ed VanHoose, and Cooperative Attorney Melanie Pearce. The invocation was given by Kevin Logan. Absent was Greg Smith.

    Approved the agenda as presented and amended by Gen. Mgr. VanHoose.

    Reviewed fuel bids from area fuel vendors. Approved lowest bid submitted by South Central FS. Informed that we will have to renew bidding process in December with all potential vendors.

    Approved the minutes of the regular meeting held April25, 2016. Accepted 9 new members for service.

    Canceled 4 members no longer receiving service.

    Heard a report by Board President Frank Czyzewski that due to FEMA position as to providing aid, CECI must adjust expenses related to prior storm damage, thereafter, Rescinded approval of work orders for last month in the amount. Subsequently, Approved work orders for April, 2016 as adjusted in the amount of$104,644.71. Also Approved a list of work orders in the amount of$27,277.68.

    Approved the disbursement list for April, 2016. Approved London Witte Group audit invoice. Approved continued support of CFC Integrity Fund.

    Reviewed Notice of Annual Meeting of United Utility Supply and supplement Certification of Voting Delegate form; Board declines to attend.

    Heard a report from Gen. Mgr. VanHoose as to NRECA legislative news.

    Heard a report from Trustee Logan as to the NRECA 2016 Legislative Conference.

    Heard a report by Trustee Herman concerning the recent SIPC Board meeting specifically financial information, safety report, upcoming Strategic Planning, Member loads and corresponding rates, construction projects and system outages, power production, and environmental regulations. Reviewed Committee Meeting date 5/20/16 -Monthly Highlights. Informed SIPC Rating Reaffirmed Reviewed S&P Global Ratings credit rating summary. Reviewed SIPC Rate Adjustment Notice dated May 6, 2016.

    Heard a report by Trustee Logan as to most recent AIEC meeting, specifically as to Financial information, proposed annual budget, ACRE report, Managers report, Annual Meeting planning, Committee report, legislative update, scheduling of Strategic Planning sessions, status of Bolivia Project, status of solar installations. Informed of next regular AIEC meeting. Heard a report by Gen. Mgr. VanHoose as to Southwestern Electric in the news and State of Illinois delinquent accounts disconnected by them.

    Appointed Frank Czyzewski, and Richard Rudolphi as Voting Delegate and Alternate for the upcoming AIEC Annual Meeting.

    Informed by Gen. Mgr. VanHoose that AIEC is requesting details as to attendees of AIEC Annual Meeting and various seminars.

    Approved entering into Executive Session for the purpose of discussing personnel. Approved entering into Open Session.

    After Review of 2016 CEO Salary Survey, Approved CEO educational reimbursement of tuition for upcoming academic year.

    Informed as to confirmation of follow up with roof repair and other office building issues. Heard a report by Gen. Mgr. VanHoose as to the following;

    a. Reviewed Form 7/Operations Report, with a caveat that said form is incorrect due to recent computer issues and figures reviewed are overestimated.

    b. Reviewed April cash flow report. 

    c. Reviewed SIPC April power bill.

    d. Reviewed April power factor.

    e. Reviewed April power cost adder.

    f. Reviewed US Bank March and April Credit Card statements.

    g. Reviewed Financial Trend Analysis for April and were reminded that the figures are skewed due to computer issues.

    Heard Managers report by Gen. Mgr. VanHoose as follows:

    a. Heard a safety report and Reviewed attendance record for the CECI Training and Safety Meeting held April29, 2016 discussing Pole Top and Bucket Truck Rescue.

    b. Reviewed CRC Utilization report, noting the usefulness of the service during the storm outage.

    c. Heard of adjoining real estate property for sale and Approved Gen. Mgr. VanHoose negotiating for purchase of said property with a maximum allowable figure.

    d. Heard of a recent incident at the Lola Substation that CECI would be submitting a claim to Federated Rural Electric Insurance for possible reimbursement.

    e. Reviewed Aclara Server Database Proposal and Acceptance Form.

    f. Reviewed SEDC Utilization Report

    g. Reviewed CFC Solutions Bulletin, Gen. Mgr. VanHoose advises Board that CFC does not qualify as a vendor for purposes of FEMA conflict of interest/ethics standards.

    Thereafter said Managers Report was Approved.

    Reminded that Nominating Petitions for Districts I, III, and IX were available

    Reviewed Thank You card from Cooperative Attorney Pearce.

    Approved the retirement of Capital Credits to the estate of one Deceased Member pursuant to Cooperative Policy.

    Disbursed Liability Insurance Certificate of United Power Services, Inc.