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Minutes of Board of Trustees Meeting - Regular meeting March 30, 2015

Trustees present were: Frank Czyzewski, Bill Croy, Neil Gould, Frank Herman, Kevin Logan, Bob Pierson, Richard Rudolphi, Danny Schnepper and Greg Smith. Also present was Executive Vice President/General Manager Ed VanHoose. The invocation was given by Neil Gould.

    Approved the agenda as amended by Gen. Mgr. VanHoose.

    Approved the minutes and Affirmed all actions of the regular meeting held February 23, 2015 at the NRECA Annual Meeting. 

    Accepted 6 new members for service. 

    Canceled 9 members no longer receiving service.

    Approved work orders in the amount of $3,064.96 for the month of February 2015. Also updated that pole replacements are ahead of schedule.

    Accepted the disbursement list for the month of February 2015.

    Heard a report by Trustee Logan concerning the recent AIEC regular monthly meeting, including the Executive Summary.

    Reviewed Director per diem survey and Approved an increase from the December 2013 rate.

    Heard a report by Trustee Herman concerning the recent SIPC Board meeting, including Administrative & Finance Department Summary. Informed of upcoming strategic planning meeting, and that CECI Directors Herman, Rudolphi, and Smith were reaffirmed in their SIPC Board positions.

    Were Advised that Directors Herman, and Rudolphi, and Gen. Mgr. VanHoose recently attended AIEC Director Course 901.1 Rules and Procedures for Effective Board Meetings.

    Discussed structuring billing statements to reflect various costs involved in supply of power, with the intention of educating the membership about the impact of regulatory factors; Gen. Mgr. VanHoose was Directed to investigate and present a plan to the Board on the issue.

    Informed of upcoming National Lineman’s Appreciation Day.

    Informed that Gen. Mgr. VanHoose had recently completed and graduated the Manager Intern Program (MIP) with said certification the equivalent of a Master’s Degree level from that business college. Gen. Mgr. VanHoose recounted the experience and valuable insight he learned throughout the program.

    Heard a report by Gen. Mgr. VanHoose as to the following;

a.  Reviewed SIPC Power Bill.

b.  Reviewed Form 7/Operations Report with attention to line loss.

c.    Heard a report as to the tree trimming plan.

d.    Heard a report on pole replacement schedule, which is ahead of schedule.

e.    Heard a report as to the cash flow, advising the status is stable.

f.    Heard a report as to the status of the Noble sub bypass.

g.    Heard a report that Power Factor is continuing to stay good.

h.    Recent safety meeting topic was NEW Fire Retardant / Arc Rated Clothing standard with further advisement of expense.

i.    Reviewed Federated Insurance Policy advising that he is seeking clarification from Federated as to whether policy covers non Director Officers.

j.    Informed that CECI had received a capital credit allocation from Federated Insurance in the amount of $2,236.00.

k.    Informed that CECI is second worse for Worker’s Compensation Claims advising that safety topics should help remedy.

l.    Heard a report as to the status of filling Tree trimming positions.

m.    Informed that CECI has received a capital credit allocation from SEDC in the amount of $1,261.72

n.    Heard a report concerning scam attempts reported by the Membership, with the scammers attempting to procure credit card information by misinforming targets of imminent shut off of services. Gen. Mgr. VanHoose urged Directors to advise the membership that CECI does not operate in that way and that any member so approached should hang up and contact CECI headquarters immediately.

    Thereafter Approved Managers report.

    Reminded that the CECI Annual Meeting of Members will be held on August 27, 2015 with Districts II, VI, and VIII terms expiring. Discussed accessing additional tables and chairs for said meeting being held at Oil Belt Christian Service Camp.

    Approved 1 Purchase Power Agreement in the form as presented.

    Approved the return of Capital Credits to the estate of 1 deceased Member pursuant to Cooperative Policy. 

    Informed CECI received 1 Bankruptcy notice on a non-member.

    Heard a report on several charitable donation requests, after Review of Budget Approved with 7 ayes, 1 nay, and 1 abstention dividing unused allocation for local schools upon their requests.

    Reviewed Certificate of Liability Insurance of Kincaid Oil.

    Informed that Gen. Mgr. VanHoose will send out a list of optional dates for various Board Committees to meet.

    Disbursed AIEC 2015 Legislative Roster.

    Disbursed Spring 2015 Touchstone Extra In Brief, # 1 “The Roadmap to Member Engagement”.