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From the Manager October 2020

I am always thankful for the dedicated service our staff provides to our members. The cooperative business model is built for the benefit of all the people we serve, not to benefit stockholders and pile up profits. The men and women of Clay Electric Co-operative have bought in to the culture of service and work each day for you. When the call for mutual aid assistance came in after Hurricane Laura hit Louisiana, our linemen and line clearance crews proved their commitment to not only our members, but the members of our sister cooperatives around the country.

I know firsthand that working these massive storms is grueling work. Seventeen-hour days for weeks at a time to try and restore the grid to bring power to thousands of households. The reward is bringing power and safety back to people. There is nothing more satisfying than energizing a line and watching the lights come on for a family that had been living in darkness until the work could get done. Thank a lineman, they are always there for you.

I would like to remind you that your 76th Annual Meeting has been rescheduled and will be held this month, Oct. 22. The meeting will be held digitally on Facebook in our Member’s Only group. You can join the Member’s Only group by applying at and providing your name and member number. A teleconference number or Zoom meeting will be made available for members who are unable to access Facebook. Please call our office at 618-662-2171 for more information.

Digital attendance will earn you a $10 bill credit and a chance to enter prize drawings to follow the meeting. If you turn to page 13 in this issue of Illinois Country Living, you will find a scholarship application. This year we will be drawing three $500 scholarships for the children of Clay Electric members that are part of the graduating class of 2020. Application forms can be mailed to PO Box 517, Flora, IL 62839, or brought into the office. Applications must be received by Oct. 16 to be entered into the drawing.

As always, keep a lookout for your member number in the center section of this magazine. There are three member numbers hidden in Clay Electric News. If you find your number and give us a call you win $5 off your next bill!