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From the Manager - Nov 2018

We have decided to have a little fun in our center section and give our members a chance to get a little bonus for reading. We will be hiding some numbers in our center section that you may be familiar with. If you look at your bill, your member number is listed in the upper right corner by the bill amount. It will look something like this: 13314-002. If you find your member number in the center section, you win! Congratulations! Give us a call and let us know you found your member number in the center section and we’ll take $5 off your bill. 

Just so you know, that number up there counts. There are still two more numbers somewhere around here to find. Good luck!

Speaking of prizes, you may have noticed the coloring contest printed on page 13 of this issue. I assure you, we are aware this is only the November issue and it does indeed say “Merry Christmas” at the top. We will be accepting entries at our offices until Nov. 8, and the winners will receive some tasty treats and will be published in the December issue. Clay Electric Co-operative is proud to help our local community’s schools with our Classroom Empowerment Grants. We are happy to announce that we have awarded grants to programs submitted by Full Armor Christian Academy and Clay City High School. We are hopeful in coming years that we will receive grant applications from all four schools within our service area. Our children are our most valuable resource. 

Switching gears, I want to address some of the questions brought to us about solar installations. With different laws and subsidies in flux at the state level, there are lots of questions floating around. We encourage any of our members interested in a solar build, or information on ways to improve their home’s efficiency to lower cost, to contact us before starting any building project. With so many moving parts, it’s always best to make sure you understand the full impact and potential pitfalls of any major construction project.

If you’ve come by our offices this month, you may have noticed the progress that has been made on our new office. The exterior has been mostly sheeted and interior walls are being framed. Each day our building gets closer to completion, and we are excited to see the daily progress. The forecasted completion date still falls at the beginning of March next year. 

I would like to take a moment to express how thankful I am to be working with the best people around. In the wake of Hurricane Florence, a crew of volunteers from Clay Electric took the long drive to North Carolina to help our sister cooperatives on the coast. I invite you to read more about them later in the center section. I am just grateful to be working with such quality human beings.