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From the Manager June 2020

 am writing this letter to all of you in early May. I can only hope and pray that when this issue makes it to you that you are in good health and that the struggles of today are less than yesterday. Clay Electric Co-operative is your trusted energy partner and we work as hard as we can to help our member-owners in good times and hard times. If you are struggling, do not hesitate to call us and let us know. There are organizations and programs available to help in difficult times, and we will do all we can to assist in making arrangements to keep our members in good standing, but we can only help with what we know about. Please keep us informed of any hardships so that we can help. 

In brighter news, I would like to congratulate Brady Clark of Louisville on being selected to receive one of the Thomas H. Moore IEC Memorial Scholarships through the Association of Illinois Electric Cooperatives. He was selected out of a pool of 256 applicants for this honor and we are proud of his diligence and hard work. The AIEC offers a total of 12 $2,000.00 scholarships and we are confident the award going to Brady will be well used. You can find an interview with Brady below.

As you flip through your newsletter, keep your eyes peeled for your member number. There are three member numbers hidden in Clay Electric News. If you find your number and give us a call, you win $5 off your next bill!