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From the Manager - February 2020

It’s another month into 2020 and your cooperative is staying busy maintaining your lines and preparing for the future. Safely maintaining and improving our system is the best way to provide you with reliable power, and I’m blessed to have a group of linemen that take their responsibilities to our membership as seriously as I do. I’m proud of the culture of service Clay Electric has instilled in all our employees.

If you looked on your last bill, you will have noticed a credit on your accounts. This credit represents a rebate our power provider, Southern Illinois Power Cooperative, returned to us. We, in turn, have distributed this one-time rebate to all our members. We are a not-for-profit cooperative. The board of directors and the management of Clay Electric Co-operative decided that the best use of this rebate was to return it to the membership.

In this month’s bill, you will notice an insert containing a survey. As a cooperative, one of our core principles is democratic member control. Your elected directors guide the cooperative’s decisions. Surveys like these inform them of the membership’s opinions. We encourage all our members to return these surveys with their February bills. 

We would like to remind you that if you experience an outage, please make sure to contact the cooperative at 800-582-9012. In severe storms, our dispatchers receive large call volumes. We ask our members to be patient and to make sure to stay on the line and report your outages. Outage information will be posted on Facebook at, but the only way to ensure your outage information makes it to our dispatcher is to call it in. This is the time of year for winter storms and freezing temperatures. Check out page 13 in this issue for some tips from Clay County Water, Inc. on how to protect your pipes as the temperature drops.

As you flip through your newsletter, keep your eyes peeled for your member number. There are three member numbers hidden in Clay Electric News. If you find your number and give us a call you win $5 off your next bill!