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From the Manager - August 2021

This August is a special month for Clay Electric Co-operative. It is a return to normalcy as our 77th annual meeting will be held on August 26 at Oil Belt Christian Service Camp on the west side of Flora. This year’s event will be smaller than in the past and will forego the health fair and children’s activities we have had in the past, but it will be in person. We look forward to fellowshipping with all of you over a nice porkchop and Klondike Bar.

For our members who enjoyed the digital annual meeting last year, we will again be broadcasting the event live on Facebook through our CECI Member’s Only Group. You can join by applying at and providing your name and member number.

“Concern for Community” is one of the seven cooperative principles. It is a part of what makes cooperatives so special. We aren’t just another business or utility; we were born from the efforts of the community to bring power and better living conditions to the rural areas of our county that were being left behind by modernization. We continue that tradition today, working to maintain safe, reliable and affordable services for our members.

We have recently completed an upgrade to our metering system that gives us faster and better information on our member’s usage and how to best serve the membership. The new outage tracking software integrated into our new system has already lowered the response time of our service crews. Their continued work in building and replacing line has continued to increase the reliability of the system and we are very happy with how few outage events we have had so far this year through the storm season. Our linemen’s continued work and dedication are greatly appreciated. 

Your elected board members show their concern for the wellbeing of the community by fighting hard to maintain reliable service and affordable rates. The cost of power and the very sources of power used in Illinois are changing and ensuring that those changes do not unduly burden the membership is at the forefront of each of your board member’s minds.

Current legislation aimed, in part, at shutting down Prairie State Energy Campus threatens to strand Illinois’ electric cooperatives with millions of dollars of stranded debt while being forced to source more power from a volatile energy market. As not-for-profit cooperatives, there are no profits to absorb the increased cost this legislation would force upon them. The only way to continue to provide power to our members would be to pass this 20-25 percent increase on to you.

We ask our members to make their voices heard and let Springfield know that policy cannot get ahead of technology. Rural Illinois cannot afford to prematurely shut down one of the newest and cleanest coal power plants in the country. Please visit and let your voice be heard.

As always, keep a lookout for your member number in the center section of this magazine. There are three member numbers hidden in Clay Electric News. If you find your number and give us a call you win $5 off your next bill!