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From the Manager April 2019

Visiting Springfield with our Youth Day participants is one of my favorite days of the year. This year is no different. Clay Electric Co-operative selected 10 students from among the junior classes of our local area high schools for this year’s Youth Day on April 3. On Youth Day, these students get the chance to meet our legislators and tour around our state capital. It is a great opportunity for our young people to absorb some of our state’s and nation’s history. We will select three students from this excellent group of young people to represent us in Washington, D.C. later this year for Youth Tour.

With the warming weather, we are entering the storm season. We want to remind all our members to be mindful of severe storms in the coming months and how you should react to storm damage. Avoid downed lines and poles and never assume a line is dead. If you experience an outage, call us to let us know your situation. If you have trouble getting through to our call-out center during a major storm event, just remember there is a large call volume, and they can only handle so much. You can follow us on Facebook to get updated on storm and outage information in our service area.

We talk a lot about solar and other renewable energy options available to our members. It’s a new and exciting area of technological advancement and Illinois is a leader in its implementation. Solar installations have been of particular interest to our membership over the last several months. We want to help our membership understand what is available and how it may affect them. It is important for our members to know that any solar installation must be owned by the member. Please call or stop by if you have any questions about what kind of builds work in our area. With different laws and subsidies in flux at the state level, there are lots of questions floating around. We encourage any of our members interested in a solar build, or information on ways to improve their home’s efficiency to lower cost, to contact us before starting any building project. With so many moving parts, it’s always best to make sure you understand the full impact and potential pitfalls of any major construction project.

As you flip through your newsletter, keep your eyes peeled for your member number. There are three member numbers hidden in Clay Electric News. If you find your number and give us a call you win $5 off your next bill!