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From the Manager

It’s a new year and a great time to look toward the future. There’s a lot planned for 2020 at Clay Electric Co-operative. We continue to upgrade and maintain our lines to increase the reliability of our system. This means more stability for each of you. This year will also see us begin to upgrade our metering. Technology has greatly advanced in the electric industry and Clay Electric will be adopting new metering systems and equipment to better be able to track our members usage and find potential problems before the lights even go out. Expect to hear more about our metering upgrades later this year! 

Safety is something we value very highly at the cooperative. We encourage all our members to stay safe as the weather gets worse and to take basic preparations. Weatherproof your home and keep an emergency kit in your car. Check out the article on page 20B for ways you can be prepared for winter storms. 

If you experience an outage in a winter weather event, please make sure to contact the cooperative at 800-582-9012. In severe winter storms, our dispatchers receive large call volumes. We ask our members to be patient and to make sure to stay on the line and report your outages. Outage information will be posted on Facebook at, but the only way to ensure your outage information makes it to our dispatcher is to call it in.

I’d like to take a moment to mention solar and other renewable energy options available to our members. It’s an exciting area of technological advancement and Illinois is a leader in its implementation. We want to help our membership understand what is available and how it may affect them. It is important for our members to know that any solar installation must be owned by the member. Please call or stop by if you have any questions about what kind of builds work in our area. With different laws and subsidies, there are lots of questions floating around. Come talk to us. It’s always best to make sure you understand the full impact and potential pitfalls of any major construction project. We are here to be your trusted energy partner. Never hesitate to come to us with any questions. 

As you flip through your newsletter, keep your eyes peeled for your member number. We are excited to have given out our first prize last month! There are three member numbers hidden in Clay Electric News. If you find your number and give us a call you win $5 off your next bill!