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Clay Electric Co-operative to host 76th Annual Meeting over Facebook Live

Clay Electric Cooperative’s 76th Annual Meeting has been postponed until October 22, 2020. Due to public safety concerns, the meeting will be held digitally. We encourage all our members to join our Member’s Only group at so you can participate and earn your $10 bill credit for attendance. You can find detailed instructions on this page with three easy steps to join the Member’s Only group.

Clay Electric Co-operative will offer a conference line and a ZOOM option for participation as well. If you would prefer to use Zoom or call in by phone, please call the office at 618-662-2171 and let our staff know. They will ask you for an email address and/or cell phone number to contact you before the meeting with the Zoom link or conference phone number.

Your annual meeting is the most important day of the year for Clay Electric Co-operative. Last year, more than 800 members and guests attended the 75th Annual Meeting of the Membership of Clay Electric Co-operative at Oil Belt Christian Service Camp in Flora. We are saddened by the lost opportunity for fellowship with our members but hope for the continued understanding of the community as we all work within the guidelines requested of us.

Last year, CEO Luke Johnson announced plans to rebuild lines for improved service to our members. We have completed several important rebuilds and are now moving forward with a metering upgrade that will provide more usage data on our system and decrease our response times to outages. Our linemen and office staff have worked hard through the difficulties of 2020 to maintain the same level of service to our members while being mindful of our number one priority, the safety of our community. Clay Electric Co-operative is proud of the dedication and professionalism of our staff through all the adversities this year has thrown at them.

This year’s meeting will be different, but the goal is the same. That is to bring forward to our membership all the information that is needed to continue to move ahead into 2021 and beyond. While we would much rather shake hands and share a meal with all of you, we continue to do all that we can to serve our membership to the best of our abilities.