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Bylaw changes presented at 2018 CECI Annual Meeting for approval

In an effort to keep current, bylaw changes and updates will be presented to the Clay Electric Co-operative (CECI) membership at the 2018 Annual Meeting of Members in August. The last time updates were made was 2010. These changes and updates are needed to reflect changes in state and federal law, as well as to reflect the current business practices of CECI. Staff and the cooperative’s attorney have been going through the current bylaws and cleaning up some language. 

    Some of what you can expect to see are spelling of “cooperative.” Several places had a hyphen in co-operative and other places had no hyphen. (E.g. co-operative change to cooperative.) Some sentences described the members as “husband and wife,” “he or it,” “his or her spouse,” etc. Proposed changes update those references to “the prospective member,” “individuals” or “multiple individuals.”

    The original bylaws with changes added in will be published in the Annual Meeting Notice that you will receive in the mail, most likely in the third week of August. We will also have a limited number available at the annual meeting.

    Also, this year we will be registering members that attend the annual meeting using a barcode scanner.

    A barcode will be printed on the back page of the notice, and we ask that you bring that portion of the back page with you to the meeting.

    Your registration will be used to show that you were present and entitled to the $10 bill credit for attending. Registered members will also be eligible for the prizes given after the meeting as long as you are present if your name is drawn.

    Please plan on attending YOUR Clay Electric Co-operative, Inc. Annual Meeting of Members Aug. 23, 2018 at the campus of Oil Belt Christian Service Camp.