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Cooperatives participate in Youth Day

SPRINGFIELD - Sen. Dale Righter and Rep. David Reis met with students representing Clay Electric Co-operative, Inc. during the Illinois Electric and Telephone Cooperatives Youth Day on Wednesday, April 13 in Springfield. More than 225 students from around Illinois had an opportunity to visit the State Capitol, view state government in action and question their legislators on key issues. They also were invited into the office of Secretary of State Jesse White.


Co-ops Vote

Thank you all for your patience during the ice storm this past February. I know it’s difficult to wait for your power to be restored, but you can rest assured your cooperative staff worked diligently through the night to get your lights back on. And, we definitely appreciate the relationship we have with the other cooperatives in Illinois. In the recent past, we were able to help out a sister cooperative, Corn Belt Energy, with an outage situation. Now, in this instance, crews from SouthEastern Illinois Electric Cooperative were able to lend us a hand so that we could get the job done in a much timelier manner.

Critical connections behind the power

April 11, 2016, is National Lineman Appreciation Day so it is appropriate that we take a moment to recognize the people that often work in brutal weather conditions to ensure we all have safe and reliable power. In fact, linemen are often first responders during storms and other catastrophic events, working to make the scene safe for other public safety officers. However, while linemen work in highly visible settings, there are many behind the scenes that also labor tirelessly to help keep the lights on. However, they do so with little or no public recognition or acknowledgement. While lineman can do their job out in the open– whether it is restoring power after a natural disaster, maintaining the lines or building new service – there is a lot more work taking place behind the scenes.

Products to avoid

By Tom Tate

When it comes to saving energy, caveat emptor is alive and well. We are all bombarded by claims that border on outright falsehoods, so it pays to view savings claims from third parties cautiously. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it generally is.

    Electric space heaters drain energy savings from your home if used incorrectly. Companies make elaborate claims about the amount of money you can save and charge exorbitant sums for their products. The advertisements frequently target those on a fixed income, presenting false hope while extracting precious dollars from their customers. I have seen a number of these space heaters and admit they appear to be well made, but they typically offer no better economy than any other 1,500-watt electric heater. Bottom line, electric space heaters should only be used to heat small spaces – not your entire home...

Minutes of Board of Trustees Meeting

Regular meeting January 25, 2016

Trustees present were: Frank Czyzewski, Bill Croy, Neil Gould, Frank Herman, Kevin Logan, Bob Pierson, Richard Rudolphi, Danny Schnepper and Greg Smith. Also present were Executive Vice President/General Manager Ed VanHoose, and Cooperative Attorney Melanie Pearce. The invocation was given by Bob Pierson. 

From the Manager

    At Clay Electric’s annual meeting in August of last year, I spoke to you briefly about our goal to do a better job of communicating with you on the platform in which you feel most comfortable. Additionally, I told you about some upcoming initiatives designed to decrease hold times, and prevent busy signals when you call to report an outage.

How to clean refrigerator coils

...and why it matters!

The importance of member engagement

By Adam Schwartz

In 2012, the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA), the premier trade association representing approximately 900 electric cooperatives in 47 states, released a report entitled, “The Electric Cooperative Purpose - A Compass for the 21st Century.” The findings of the blue ribbon task force comprised of a dozen co-op leaders from across the country were that an electric cooperative’s purpose is to, “Power communities and empower members to improve the quality of their lives.”

Avoid a bad decision when your water heater breaks

Save money and help the environment with a replacement energy efficient electric heater!

By Paul Wesslund

If you want to save money on your energy bills and reduce greenhouse gas – and other emissions – to help the environment, a good step would be to have a replacement plan for your water heater when it fails.

Minutes of Board of Trustees Meeting

Regular meeting December 21, 2015

Trustees present were: Frank Czyzewski, Bill Croy, Neil Gould, Frank Herman, Kevin Logan, Bob Pierson, Richard Rudolphi, Danny Schnepper and Greg Smith. Also present were Executive Vice President/General Manager Ed VanHoose, and Cooperative Attorney Melanie Pearce. The invocation was given by Richard Rudolphi. 

    Approved the agenda as presented by Gen. Mgr. VanHoose.

    Approved the minutes of the regular meeting held November 22, 2015. 

    Accepted 14 new members for service. 

    Canceled 16 members no longer receiving service.

    Reviewed and Approved work orders in the amount of $169,720.16 for the month of November 2015.

    Accepted the disbursement list for the month of November, 2015.

    Appointed Frank Czyzewski as Voting Delegate and Richard Rudolphi as Alternate for NRECA. 

    Appointed Gen. Mgr. VanHoose as Voting Delegate for NRTC. 

    Appointed Frank Herman as Voting Delegate and Bob Pierson as Alternate for CFC. 

    Appointed Danny Schnepper as Voting Delegate and Richard Rudolphi as Alternate for Federated.

    Reviewed notes from NRECA regarding legislative proposals, and CEO Succession Planning.

    Heard a report by Trustee Logan, as to the recent AIEC Meeting, specifically financials, succession planning in management for several Cooperatives, NRECA International Program,  the status of the Illinois Budget impasse, and the upcoming AIEC Meeting.

    Approved NRECA training for Luke Johnson.

    Informed of information of Board Members needed by AIEC for publication in the AIEC Directory.

    Heard a report by Gen. Mgr. VanHoose as to grant program and contractors for Agricultural Energy Audits.

    Heard a report by Trustee Herman concerning the recent SIPC Board meeting specifically financial information, Generation and Energy Resources reports, NERC compliance efforts, and possible billing changes. 

    Heard a report by Gen. Mgr. VanHoose as to an anticipated rate study, as to give more insight as to peak issue.

    Heard a report by Gen. Mgr. VanHoose as to various roof repair estimates with various proposed methodologies of repair. 

    Heard a report by Gen. Mgr. VanHoose as to the following;

    Reviewed Form 7/Operations Report.

    Reviewed cash flow report.

    Reviewed SIPC power bill.

    Reviewed power factor.

    Reviewed power cost adder.

    November 2015 Financial Trending Analysis.

    Federated Capital Retirement Statement

    Approved entering into Executive Session for the purpose of discussing personnel.

    Approved entering into Open Session.

    Heard a report by Gen. Mgr. VanHoose as to contact by Jesse James as to building of an electric system for development of James subdivision.

    Heard a report by Gen. Mgr. VanHoose as to the recent quarterly meeting of the CECI Safety Committee.

    Heard a report by Gen. Mgr. VanHoose concerning new Procurement Standards instituted by FEMA.

    Reviewed Policy 100-10 Board of Trustee’s and Employee’s Business ethics. Discussed revising separate policies, one for Trustees, and one for Employees, as the consequences for violations are different. Gen. Mgr. VanHoose will present revised proposed drafts of said policies at the next Regular Meeting.

    Heard a report by Gen. Mgr. VanHoose as to the following;

    Informed of new overtime rules, effective in 2017, for salaried employees

    Reviewed “2016 Cooperative Estimated Payroll Premium Rates” – Federated Worker’s Compensation Modification.

    Discussed formal approval for AIEC to grant Access to Federated of Loss History; so Approved.

    Informed of CECI’s employee contribution of presents to various foster kids who did not receive from Angel Tree or Shop With A Cop.

    Discussed CECI Christmas Party.

    Thereafter Approved Managers report as presented.

    Approved one Purchase Power Agreement in the form as presented.

    Approved the retirement of Capital Credits to the estates of two deceased Members, pursuant to Cooperative Policy.

    Reviewed photo of Trustee Croy in local news, 2015 Clay County Farm Bureau Board of Directors.