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Parker Moses Represents Clay in Washington D.C.

Parker Moses of Flora represented Clay Electric Co-operative, Inc. in Washington, D.C., during the annual “Youth to Washington” Tour, June 12-19. This event, sponsored by the electric and telephone cooperatives of Illinois since the late 1950s, is an introduction for rural youth to our democratic form of government and the cooperative business model.

Building a new grain bin or machine shed?

Please always look up before planning your next building project! Clay Electric Co-operative takes all construction projects very seriously when they get too close to power lines. One often overlooked safety consideration is the power line clearance required for bins and buildings. “One should always consider power lines, both overhead and underground, in the beginning planning process of new construction” says Clay Electric Operations Manager Luke Johnson. “Please call me if you have questions regarding clearances, load sizing of lines and transformers, or any other questions you may have.” 

Great changes in store for the 2015

Annual Meeting of Members of Clay Electric Co-operative, Inc.

We want to remind you again of the 2015 Annual Meeting, but, we would like to inform you that there are changes this year. We have scheduled the Annual Meeting of Members to be held at the brand new Activities Building on the campus of Oil Belt Christian Service Camp in Charley Brown Park. Same park as we have always had the meeting, but you just go northwest of the fairgrounds to the Oil Belt campus. 

The power of American independence

Celebrating July 4th and declaring our energy independence

Fireworks and flags. Cookouts and cold drinks. The Fourth of July is a festive day on which we celebrate our nation’s independence with family and friends. Typically, this is not a day of quiet reflection. While we spend a lot of energy having fun, if we give any thought about our forbearers and their determined efforts to bring about our nation’s independence, it’s fleeting.

Minutes of Board of Trustees Meeting - Regular meeting April 27, 2015

Trustees present were: Frank Czyzewski, Bill Croy, Neil Gould, Frank Herman, Kevin Logan, Bob Pierson, Richard Rudolphi, Danny Schnepper and Greg Smith. Also present were Executive Vice President/General Manager Ed VanHoose, Operations Manager Luke Johnson, and Cooperative Attorney Melanie Pearce. Visitors present were; Earl Ridlen, III, and Ben Duke of London Witte Group L.L.C., and Aaron Stallings from Cooperative Finance Corporation, (CFC). The invocation was given by Frank Czyzewski.

From the Manager - July 2015

Hello from your cooperative! If you are one of the lucky ones, you haven’t had to deal with an outage recently. Unfortunately, for quite a few others though, that isn’t the case. The combination of suicidal squirrels, falling tree limbs and storms has caused quite a few people an inconvenience lately. Still others have found themselves out of power simply due to their breaker tripping at the meter.

Keeping you safe during and after summer storms

No one knows electrical safety better than the experts who practice it every single day. Clay Electric Co-operative encourages you to practice safety with these reminders – for during and after a summer storm:

Beat the heat with cool products

When temperatures soar in the summer, utility bills can do the same. There are several small ways to manage your energy use this summer, and Clay Electric Co-operative is always happy to help you with those simple, no- or low-cost ways to save – but for those who are considering remodeling or making larger purchases, here are a few ideas that may help keep your energy use in check and keep your wallet cool.

Minutes of Board of Trustees Meeting - Regular meeting March 30, 2015

Trustees present were: Frank Czyzewski, Bill Croy, Neil Gould, Frank Herman, Kevin Logan, Bob Pierson, Richard Rudolphi, Danny Schnepper and Greg Smith. Also present was Executive Vice President/General Manager Ed VanHoose. The invocation was given by Neil Gould.

    Approved the agenda as amended by Gen. Mgr. VanHoose.

    Approved the minutes and Affirmed all actions of the regular meeting held February 23, 2015 at the NRECA Annual Meeting. 

June 2015 - From the Manager

It’s that time of year again. Farm equipment is on the move, and you have probably either found yourself behind some of it on our rural highways, or sitting in the cab of a tractor waving at people to go around you. Those of us here at Clay Electric want to encourage everyone to play it safe when passing slower moving farm equipment. Be sure you have plenty of room to get around, and keep in mind that often a tractor will have to move farther in the road to avoid a mailbox or other obstacle.