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Minutes of Board of Trustees Meeting October 23, 2017

Regular meeting October 23, 2017

The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees of Clay Electric Co-operative, Inc. (CECI) was held at the principal office of the Cooperative, R.F.D., in Flora, Illinois beginning at 7:00 o’clock p.m. on Monday, October 23, 2017.

Trustees present were: Frank Czyzewski, Bill Croy, Neil Gould, Frank Herman, Kevin Logan, Bob Pierson, Richard Rudolphi, Danny Schnepper, and Greg Smith. Also present were: Ed VanHoose Executive V.P. General Manager, and Tyra Cycholl, CECI Attorney. The meeting was opened by Richard Rudolphi, who presided and Greg Smith, Secretary, acted as secretary thereof.

The invocation was given by Richard Rudolphi.

The following proceedings were had [all action being first duly moved and seconded and all action taken being upon the unanimous vote of the Board or without dissenting vote of abstention unless otherwise stated]:

APPROVED the October suggested agenda.

APPROVED the consent agenda as presented, with the work orders section being removed to discuss independently, including the following:

APPROVED, the minutes of the Regular Board meeting held on September 25, 2017.

REVIEWED, that the Board of Trustees hereby: (a) approve and admit to membership those 13 applicants connected for service since the last such review by the board, and (b) cancel those 6 former members shown on the Manager’s Report since the last such review by the Board, said members no longer taking service.

APPROVED the checklist for the month of September 2017.

APPROVED the September Credit Card Statements.

REVIEWED the September Attorney Retainer.

DISCUSSED then APPROVED, the list of work orders in the amount of $116,644.29 This item was removed from the consent agenda to further discuss.

RECOGNIZED Trustees Frank Herman and Bob Pierson for completion of the Board Leadership Program through NRECA.

HEARD the legal report as presented by Tyra Cycholl regarding modification of Policy 200-1. After Discussion APPROVED Policy 200-1 as presented with the amendments discussed.

DISCUSSED NRECA dues increase.

REVIEWED the NRECA Retail Rate Guide.

INFORMED that the CFC interest check was received.

REVIEWED the CFC rate increase.

HEARD a report on the recent SIPC meeting by Trustee Herman.

HEARD a report by Gen. Mgr. VanHoose on the SIPC 2018 Budget and the SIPC 2018 Capital Budget.

HEARD a report by Kevin Logan on the recent AIEC meeting.

REVIEWED the IEC Continuing Education Program.

INFORMED of the upcoming course, 974.1.

INFORMED that CECI had sold one of the winning AIEC Hurt Lineworker Fund gun raffle tickets at the CECI Annual Meeting to a CECI Member.

DISCUSSED the recent Building Committee meeting. The Committee Members will keep the full board apprised of new drawings and further discussions with Fager McGee the General Contractor.

APPROVED moving into Executive Session to discuss Confidential Information.

APPROVED entering back into General Session.

REVIEWED new budget items for 2018

  1. Operations Manager to MIP Select training
  2. Part Time Service Representative opening
  3. 2018 Capital items

HEARD a financial report by Manager VanHoose as to the following:

  1. September 2017 Form 7
  2. September 2017 Cash Flow;
  • SIPC Power Delivered in September 2017 dated October 9, 2017
  • September 2017 Power Factor.
  • September 2017 Power Cost Adder
  • September Line Loss.

HEARD a General Safety Report for September 2017.

REVIEWED Monday morning safety meeting sheet dated October 16, 2017.

HEARD and APPROVED a report by Manager VanHoose as to the following:

  1. 401 K Re-adoption
  2. Retirement Plan Re-adoption
  3. 2018 postage increase
  4. Hurricane restoration billing, bill has been paid
  5. State of Illinois delinquent billing
  6. Upcoming meetings

REVIEWED Thank You cards from; Clay County Farm Bureau, AIEC Scholarship Program, Satilla REMC.

HEARD a report by Gen. Mgr. VanHoose regarding the retirement of capital credits to the estates of three deceased members. APPROVED those retirements pursuant to Cooperative Policy.