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From the Manager

This month, I want to take a moment to discuss two items affecting CECI’s board, staff and membership. First, there is the forward movement of the new headquarters building. Second, I want to share some news about the end of our large power interruptible accounts.

At the 2017 annual meeting, I mentioned we have begun the process of replacing the current headquarters. We had a site survey done to see whether we should move locations and whether any of the other buildings (warehouse, garages, etc.) needed to be replaced. I am glad to announce, the survey did not recommend moving to a new location and did not recommend replacing any of the other buildings. That is good news because there would have been much higher costs involved in moving and/or building more than just the headquarters.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the survey did indicate our headquarters building needs replaced. This building has been around even longer than Clay Electric. Through the years, your board has done a great job in keeping down costs by remodeling and repairing the building to keep it going. But, like most things, there just comes a time when repairs are too costly and won’t yield the right result anyway. You can only patch a hole so many times before there is more patch than roof!

We are currently in the planning stages of the new building, but we hope to have something in the works by early spring. I will keep you updated on new developments.

It has been many years since Clay Electric Co-operative enacted interruptible rates for large power consumers. Originally, these rates were offered to offset penalties for high demand billed to CECI through our wholesale power contract. For its time, that program was a success, allowing for all CECI’s membership to avoid a higher rate, while simultaneously providing lower monthly bills to large power users.

Fast forward to today, and CECI has not implemented an interruptible period for more than 10 years. Our current wholesale power contract does not have any language for reduced cost due to load shedding. That means for many years some consumers have seen drastically reduced rates in exchange for granting CECI the ability to interrupt their service during peak times, even though no such interruption ever occurred.

Because of this, CECI’s board has moved to remove the interruptible rate and move all those on the rate to the standard commercial rate.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t something to offer those members!

In fact, our regional power marketing entity, MISO, has a program that members can sign up for which will give them much of the same savings directly from the market. If you or someone you know is a large power consumer, we want to help you sign up for this new opportunity. Please call the office and ask for Doug at your earliest convenience. He will be happy to give you the details.