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Change Habits to Beat the Peak

You can beat the peak (and save money!) by decreasing your power use when energy demand and prices are at their highest. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Laundry for Less:

Full loads mean fewer cycles, and washers and dryers run in the late evenings add less heat and humidity to the home . Energy can cost less outside of peak hours.

Cool Off/Calm Down:

Turn off unnecessary lighting and electronics that generate heat, resist the urge to turn down the thermostat and remember, lower fan settings use less energy.

Intramural Competition:

Online gaming with each active player using their own computer, display , gaming console and internet connection gets pricey . Play each other at home on one screen and save.

Countertop Convenience:

Range or oven cooking can really warm up a kitchen. Microwaves, convection ovens, induction cooktops, Crock-Pot ® and toaster ovens put more cooking heat where you need it.